Sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga, Christ Laurent Ricky Harun

RINDU (Claudia Anisa / Dhea Imut) is a pretty girl 17 years old. She has very good habit, polite, educated, and pity on the family. Rindu living with RENDY (Teuku Ryan), her father and two brothers, Bebi and Chiko (Junior Leonardo). Their mother had long died. They live happy because Rendy dote them. When Rindu is trying to buy a cake for his father from out of town, Rindu get an accident with RANGGA ( Ricky Harun ) when rain falls. Then going squabble between them.

At home, Rendy said that he was married to STELLA ( Hesti Putri ). Stella (Hesty Putri) is the women who are deceitful, underhanded and materialistic. Although Stella sham sweet in front Rendy, but actually she always make Rindu and her brothers suffering. When Rendy got heart attack disease because his servant stolen much company money so it makes bankrupt his textile factory. At that time, Stella ask to paranormal to predict future and get the instructions that there's a girl that will make her unhappy.

foto Claudia Anissa, Dhea Imut Anisa wallpaper

- Claudia Anissa (Dea Imut) as Rindu
- Ricky Harun as Rangga
- Christ Laurent as Yudha
- Teuku Ryan as Rendy
- Hesty Putri as Stella
- Metha Yunatria as Rosa
- Rico Karindra as Indra
- Marsha Aruan
- Junior Leonardo
- Sandi Ishabella
- Linda Ramadhanty

cuplikan sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga, Dhea Imut and Ricky Harun fighting

Stella tries to sell Rindu with the adoption reason to INDRA (Rico Karindra) and ROSA ( Meta Yunatria ), in fact Rindu be delivered to pregnant for Indra and Rosa family because they don't have children and not pregnant till now. Rindu shock and very confused, because she need much money to treat his father's heart disease and finance's life Bebi and Chiko. Rindu finally accept the bid.

When Indra drunk as much alcohol, Indra attempt to rape Rindu. But Rindu successfully avoid and flee, causing the drop of Indra. Rindu fed by the taxi driver, named Rangga. Rangga is very sad and a pity to see Rindu. Rangga try coax YUDHA (Christ Laurent) and his mother, MARTHA to allowed Rindu be settled at their home. Between Rangga and Rindu start falling in love each other, while Yudha trying to approach Rindu.

When Rangga want to introduce Rindu to introduce his brother, Rindu very shocked because Rangga is Indra's brother. Indra's wife, Rossa ( Metha Yunatria ) tried to use this opportunity to reply to the action Rindu tried running from them. How Rindu (Dhea Anissa) next story? Watch in Sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga on SCTV Satu Untuk Semua, which starring Christ Laurent, Ricky Harun, Claudia Anisa Dhea Imut, Hesty Putri, Metha Yunatria and Rico Karindra.

foto Ricky Harun, Dea Imut Claudia Anissa

photo Christ Laurent, Metha Yunatria (credited to rsiag for pics)

Time : 19:00 - 20:00 WIB at SCTV Satu Untuk Semua
Director : H. Encep Masduki
Story and Script : Hilman Hariwijaya
Production : MD Entertainment (2009)

Judul Lagu Sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga : Cinta Terlarang
Singer : The Virgin (Dara The Virgin and Mitha The Virgin)
Song & Lyrics Cinta Terlarang : Mitha The Virgin
Album : New Single
Label Produksi : Nagaswara Music

CINTA DAN ANUGERAH with Miller, Eva Anindhita, Ashraf Sinclair

  • Jam Tayang : 19.00 WIB at RCTI everyday
  • Director : Sanjeev Kumar
  • Producer : Leo Sutanto
  • Production Designer :
  • Story and Script : Salma Ramadhani and Kumar Perek
  • Production : SinemArt (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Purwacaraka

photo Miller, Wilda Hamid, Jasmine Leeds Wilblood, Eva Anindhita, Nabila Syakieb

Sinopsis Sinetron Cinta dan Anugerah :

NABILA (Nabila Syakieb) is a pretty simple girl and very friendly. Nabila lived with her sister, AIRA (Yasmin Leeds Wildblood) a nice, cheerful, but frivolous, and MINI (Wilda Hamid) who an intelligent, pious, but not popular. Nabila also living with her father, IMRAN (Donny Damara) that are always drunk. Because the bad habit of her father, Nabila must working hard for their family. After her father died because of stroke, Nabila very shock because her father appeared out of the debt is large enough so it makes Nabilla and her sister brother lost their house property.

Before died, the father give a letter that says Nabila and family still had close relatives from his mother, REZA (Ashraf Sinclair) a wealthy businessman. Although not sure if Reza will realize known them, Nabila, Aira, and Mimi was desperate to come to Reza's house. Reza welcomed them to his house. After reading the letter of Imran, Reza who has handsome face but arrogant eventually invites them to stay in one of the pavilion home, but with a requirement they have to work there.

foto Yasmin Wildblood, Wilda Hamid and Nabila Syakieb wallpaper

Nabila happy and promised to do anything to reply Reza's goodness. Reza only lofty smile. But SAIRA (Cut Sarah), Reza sister who also lives in the house with three children, CHINTYA (Eva Anindita), RYAN (Giovani L Tobing) and SONI (Kevin Julio) do not like attendance of Nabila, Aira and Mini. Moreover, when Saira and Chintya know that AVIAN (Miller), the Reza belief that loved by Chintya even fall in love with Aira.

Not only Avian, Reza was began stunned with the beauty of Aira. Nabila also very interest with Reza, but Nabila don't want to offend her sister. Up to a time Reza request Aira to engaged and be his wife. Aira confused, on the one hand, she love to Avian. On the other hand, she imagine to married with the super rich people. Aira decied to stay together with Avian. On the wedding day, Aira runaway so it makes Reza very ashamed and angry. To revenge it, Reza decide married with Nabila.

foto artis Cinta & Anugerah

- Nabila Syakieb as Nabila
- Eva Anindhita as Chintya
- Miller Mohammad Suhaemi as Alvian
- Ashraff Sinclair as Reza
- Jasmine Leeds Wildblood as Aira
- Wilda Hamid as Mini
- Donny Damara as Imran
- Cut Sarah as Saira
- Giovani L Tobing as Ryan
- Kevin Julio as Soni
- Marcell Darwin as Aldi
- Adipura as Haris

Theme Song Lagu Ost Cinta dan Anugrah : KebesaranMu
Singer : ST12 Band
Song & Lyrics : Charly ST12
Album : Single Religi ST12 Band
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production

gallery Cinta dan Anugerah wallpaper

How continuity life of Nabila in the house? Can she make Reza really falling in love with her and resentment in his heart after Aira left from his life? You can watch the next story sinetron Cinta & Anugerah TV soap opera at RCTI everyday with jam tayang pukul 19.00 WIB. And, you can find Sinopsis Profil, Biodata, Facebook and Gambar Foto Cinta dan Anugerah Photo Picture, as above from internet. Don't miss it !


Komedi OB SHIFT-2 at RCTI Makin Gokil

  • Time : SENIN - JUMAT 15.30 WIB at RCTI TV
  • Director : Adam Sugriwo, Yan Yan
  • Producer : Winny Rosalina, Eri Sumaryadi
  • Executive Producer : Maria Febriana
  • Story and Script : Winny Rosalina, Eki NF
OB SHIFT 2 is an advanced from komedi situasi sitkom OB (Office Boy), which prime on-air on 17 April 2006 at RCTI in the stripping from Monday to Friday. Komedi OB (Office Boy) is a situation comedy (komsit / situasi komedi) which is packed in the form of sketches. Compared with the previous OB, OB-Shift-2 had a lot of changes from the set, players and story, that certainly will be more funny and exciting. Shooting OB Shift 2 done with a combination of studio and outdoor. Set in the studio more minimalist design and describes as number one company television. Set consists of a main lobby, a lobby HRD, HRD space, GM room, toilet, canteen and offices where the OB relax, pantry OB. While the outdoor location shooting will be done at Mail house, Odah house, Sayuti's boarding house and the surrounding environment, so that each story episodenya will be more colorful.

In OB-Shift-2, there is the addition of prominent players who called SUKMA LUSI RUKMINI (Luna Maya) and normally called as BU-SUK. Bu Sukma is the nephew of the owner OKTV. Sukma not work because desires but because it forced her om, PAK JOJON (Jojon Srimulat) the owner OKTV. Sukma figure played by Luna Maya with the position as General Manager of HRD superiors of PAK TAKA SOEBRATA (Marlon Renaldi). Attendance Sukma complete with her love story at OKTV will bring new colors for the funny stories in OK-TV. While the others remains the same, namely SAYUTI (Aditya Padat Karya), MAIL (Daus Separo), SUSI (Oline Mendeng), ODAH (Tika Panggabean), GUSTI (Bayu Oktara), SASCHYA (Winda Viska Ria), PAK HENDRA (Ridwan Permana), PAK TAKA (Marlon Renaldy) and IPUL (Reynold Hamzah) but with the addition of style and characters so that more funny.

photo pemain sitkom OB Shift 2 pictures gallery

Beginning of the story Office-Boy-Shift-2 starting from the slough Pak Taka to get love from Sasya so he attempt suicide with a leap from the roof of the building, eventually Pak Taka entering the hospita. The doctors did not find any disease in the body of Pak Taka. But Pak Hendra always lick to Pak Taka and told him to feign illness so that it will cause a sense of compassion by Sasha. Finally Pak Taka also spelled by Hendra affected Parkinson disease. Pak Taka happy because with his effort, and he hope it will be more attrection from Saschya. But in the facts, Pak Taka didn't received attention from Saschya, even the Pak Taka pain get attention from the board of directors and then send someone to eventually become a senior from Taka, because he is not deemed capable as head HRD department. And, the new HRD (Human Research Development) General Manager is a beautiful girl named Sukma Lusi Rukmini.

In the story OB Shif 2, Sayuti and Susy has married in Solo, Gusti and Sasa will fiancee. Then what happens with Odah, Ismail, Ipul, Hendra and Pak Taka? Watch the OB Shift 2 only in RCTI starting jam tayang from pukul 15.30 WIB.

- Luna Maya as Sukma Lusi Rukmini
- Tika Panggabean as Saodah
- M. Firdaus Separo as Ismail
- Adityawarman as Sayuti
- Caroline Mendeng as Susi
- Winda Viska as Sascya
- Marlon Renaldy as Taka Soebrata
- Bayu Oktara as Gusti
- M. Ridwan Permana as Hendra
- Reynold Hamzah as Ipul Saipul


Sinetron Dewi RCTI : Triangle Love Story

  • Time : Monday - Friday at 20.00 WIB
  • Director : Erlanda Gunawan
  • Producer : Leo Sutanto
  • Production Designer :
  • Story and Script : Dewi Sita
  • Production : Sinemart (2009)
DEWI (Rianti Cartwright) is a beautiful village girl, simple, cheerful, and always optimistic. Because Dewi is a cewe lugu until she believes in a thousand percent to GUSTAF (Ibnu Jamil), her friend and mate from young. With feeling of happy and pleasure, Dewi receive Gustav's bids to join with him and go work to Jakarta. In fact what is Gustav promised not beautiful as sound. Gustaf was only a poor driver in a rich family. In addition he was also have any big debt money to BOS JOSH (David Hoffman).

adegan pertengkaran between Dewi and Lila

Because Gustav don't have any money so he can't able to pay the debt, Gustaf approve the request from Bos Josh to submit Dewi for debt defaulter. Dewi who know the evil plans from Gustav ultimately successful runaway. When fled, Dewi is saved by ANDRE (Baim Wong), unknown men of good hearts want to help Dewi cantik, until he was free from the chase Bos Josh syndicate. Andre also forced Dewi to participate to his house, because he is thought Dewi is Sita, his wife candidates.

triangle love: Andre, Lila and Dewi (credited to rcti for pics)

Dewi manis who is still confused not deny the power of Andre's call, because Andre didn't want to hear the explanation. After they both reached at home, how surprised Andre family members such as grandma WIDYA (Mieke Wijaya), TANTI as Andre's mom (Meriam Bellina), INDI - Satria's mom (Vicky Burki) and SATRIA (Dimas Seto) see attendance DEWI, which is very embodied with SITA (Rianty Cartwright). Nenek Widya ask Dewi to stayed at home caring for Andre, because she sees positive changes in self-Andre at Dewi nearby. Grandmother Widya is also tell about Sita, the candidate's wife of Andre who died because of heart attack at wedding day party, then make a depression into Andre.

Because pity, Dewi eventually approved. In addition, Dewi also need much money for her family and for caring her mother's (Elma Teana) surgery in the village. Andrew still assume that Dewi is Sita makes more dependency to Dewi, he also did not want Dewi too far for him. This is make LILA (Luna Maya), a sexy woman who assist Andre during leave of Sita became jealous. And after Sita pullout then come again a new threat, which is Dewi who similar to Sita. This Mega Sinetron Dewi also starring with DONI DAMARA, CAKKA NURAGA and ELMA THEANA, but you'll never find adegan bugil or telanjang in this sinetron. How is the Dewi's story life next? Should her as other people forever? Will he will find happiness and true love ? Don't miss it, SINETRON DEWI at RCTI every Monday to Friday at jam tayang 20.00 WIB

foto Luna Maya, Dimas Seto and Rianti Cartwright picture gallery

photo Ibnu Jamil and Baim Wong images collection

- Baim Wong as Andre
- Rianti Cartwright as Dewi and Sita
- Luna Maya as Lyla
- Dimas Setowardana as Satrya
- Ibnu Jamil as Gustav
- Meriem Bellina as Bu Tanty
- Mieke Wijaya as Nenek Widya
- Vicki Burki as Mrs. Indy
- Donny Damara as Dewi / Sita's father
- Elma Theana as Dewi / Sita's mother
- David Hoffman as George (Boss Josh)
- Cakka Nuraga Idola-Cilik 2 as Andre kecil

Theme Song Sinetron Dewi : Terlanjur Cinta
Singer : Rossa feat Pasha Ungu
Song & Lyrics : Yoyo Padi
Album : Rossa
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima (2009)

CUCU Cuplikan Lucu ANTV Comedy Program

  • Time : Monday to Friday, every 18.00 pm at ANTV
ANTV released situation comedy show, better known komedi situasi terbaru CU-CU (Cuplikan Lucu) which starring by artis muda ABG sexy and cantik such as Gisella Cindy, Evan Jordy Onsu, Mocin, Shafa Tasya Kamila, Putri Titian, Rio Indrawan, Haikal Kamil, Vincent Reymond Henrian, Astric and Abran. In each episode also invite guest stars (from variety of profession like talent, comedian, singer, actress, actors, etc) and their role as adults, parents, teachers or grandparent.

Cuplikan Lucu CUCU is situation comedy which played in the real set / outdoor studio with a variety of settings that describe the place as usual place for nongkrong or kongkow the young boys, young girls and other ABG muda such as cafe, family room / watching tv / playing games, room, music studio or school. The sketches theme played is frequent in the ABG world, start problems as stern teacher, a boyfriend who don't have money, a handsome cafe waitress, a beautiful girls, body odor, whelk, play music, in the exam schools, which are very common funny occurrence happened.

foto Jordi Onsu, Abran, Tasya Kamila, Gisela Cindi, Rio Indrawan, Mocin and Vincent

- Shafa Tasya Kamila
- Gisela Cindy
- Evan Jordi Onsu
- Rio Indrawan
- Vincentius Reymon Henrian (Vincent)
- Abran
- Mocin
- Muhammad Haykal Kamil
- Putri Titian and Astric

In addition, Cu .. cu .. also create a "ten seconds" scene or a short funny scene without dialogue, tebak tepat and funny reportase... such as Ya Iyalah, Tanpa Ya Iyadong.. You can watch this komedi Cuplikan-Lucu television programs at ANTV from Monday - Friday starting from 18.00 WIB


CINTAKU, Jonathan Frizzy and Bunga Zainal at SCTV

  • Time : Pkl. 19:00 - 20:00 WIB
  • Director : Jogi Dayal, Rudi Witanto
  • Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi and Manoj Punjabi
  • Production Manager : Fery Yusuf Harahap, SE
  • Story and Script : Dono Indarto
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Iwang Modulus
Sinopsis Cerita :

LESTARI (Bunga Nurlaila Martha Sari Zainal Fazri) is a beautiful girl cantik but a little wild. In daily life, Lestari living with RANTI (Moudi Wilhelmina) in the slums settlement. Ranti working as a servant in the house of DIVO (Ijonk Jhonatan Frizy Simanjuntak) and NAOMI (Willa Julaiha) family, they has a child named NADYA (Gecha). Divo is a young boy and successful as businessman. With the Divo family also lived FANNY (Arumi Bachsin), Divo's sister, and KARIN (Uli Auliani ) as mother-in-law Divo. Until a day came disaster, Naomi killed in a plane accident and the body does not found work. Naomi's death brought grief and depth trauma for the family especially Karin, who then blame Divo as cause of Naomi's death. Consequently Karin be phlegmatic and hated Divo.

adegan sinetron Cintaku (credited to: rsiag and lautanindonesia.com)
One day, Lestari meet Divo when want to steal bread to poor children. Then Lestari utilize Divo to help her vague. Divo are annoyed with the attitude Lestari, hoping not to meet again. Who is suspected, but they would meet again at Divo's house. Apparently Ranti ask Lestari deliver dry wash to the boss house. Divo are considered Lestari is a thief, intend to bring the girl to the police station. Fortunately Lestari successfully convince to Divo. When arrived at home, Lestari find friends crying sad because the small settlement slums where they live will be destroyed by IKBAL (Boy Tirayoh), who was a businessman also an education leader. Iqbal intends to establish a new campus in his own land. Although he has own land, Iqbal still provide compensation for people who live there. Lestari protest and throw to Iqbal's glass car and make injure one of his crew.

Then Iqbal bring Lestari to the police so as a result, Lestari must stay detention in jail. Ranti who identify Iqbal as foster parents Divo then ask for help to free the employer Lestari. Because the blandishment Divo, Iqbal prepared at once to free Lestari revoke scale down one's demands. Completed a problem, other problems appear. The villagers where Lestari place to stay, would not accept the presence of girl. They are fed up with fad Lestari who like to steal food. They also consider Lestari jailed because steal. Lestari can't defend herselves, because the village people still insist rejects. Because compassion, then Divo bring Lestari to stay in the house. Karin reject Divo's decision and she considered Divo because he has been forget the honor of Naomi. However Divo (Jonatan Frizzi) insist because already promised Ranti to provide shelter, protection, and education appropriate for Lestari. While Fanny and Nadya support the decision and both are friends with Lestari. Since Lestari stay there, make have any problems that arise in the house. Karin tries to make Lestari not be in the house and chase away the pretty girl. Lestari have principles if Divo does not request to go so Lestari still stay because he took her to the house, and she should respect the decision from Divo.

cuplikan foto sinetron Cintaku
Each of problems that arise between Lestari and Karin, thus making the relationship Lestari and Divo more familiar. Lestari really respect and sympathy to Difo, and similarly Divo slow start falling in love to Lestari. Karin become great anger and doesn't like the woman who will replace the position of Naomi. Karin then threaten Divo to dispel Lestari or she will go from the house. Because does not have any other choice, then Divo check Lestari at home parents angkatnya, Iqbal and NINDY (Fiona Rosalina). For the second time, the presence Lestari cause problems. DARA (Indah Ayu Putri), son of Nindi a lecture in Jakarta, is considered Lestari as a rival because Dara also interest and love to Divo.

Dara and her mother called Lasya want to become rich people and will married with Divo. In order to realize the goal, Dara began some trouble so Lestari expelled from the house of Iqbal and Nindi. Obviously, it would always lead to conflict between Iqbal and Nindi and makes Lestari confused. Bitter reality makes Lestari intend to go from house Iqbal and Nindi, feel themselves as a source of problems. Lestari also do not want to disrupt the life of Iqbal and Nindi, Nindi prevent the departure of girls. On the other hand, the relationship between Lestari and Divo be stronger, they are really falling in love each other.

JAMAL (Revand Narya), a man who love Lestari try to rape her. But Lestari successfully hit and made Jamal unconscious. Then Jamal ostensibly blind and threatening will reported Lestari to the police. Because fear then she ask to Jamal and doesn't report her, but Jamal ask Lestari requirements that she must meet him every day. Dara find out if Lestari always met with Jamal, and then report to the Divo are finally catching both and decide their relationship with Lestari ended. Lestari become sad, especially when viewing the intimate relationship between Divo and Dara.

Lestari successfully prove that she is not guilty and Jamal is not blind. Divo happy, and leave Dara to apply for Lestari. Dara become angry and frustrated, if she is not willing Divo marry Lestari so when they will marry suddenly Dara appears along with Naomi. Naomi was still alive. How the story next? What wedding plans Lestari and Divo still continue? Watch the story Sinetron Cintaku, from Monday to Saturday jam tayang 19.00 WIB at SCTV Satu Untuk Semua.

foto Jonathan Frizzy and Revand Narya

foto artis cantik sinetron, Arumi Buchsin, Uli Auliani and Bunga Zainal

- Jonathan Frizzy Simanjuntak ( Ijonk ) as Divo
- Bunga Zaenal as Lestari
- Uli Auliani / Uli Aulani as
- Boy Tirayoh as Iqbal
- Moudy Wilhelmina as
- Revand T Narya as Jamal
- Indah Ayu Putri as Dara
- Viona Rosalina as Nindi
- Willa Julaiha as Naomi
- Geccha as Nadya
- Metty Djumiati / Djumiaty as
- Arumi Bachsin as Fany

Theme Song Sinetron Cintaku : Bila Nanti Kau Milikku
Singer : Naff Band
Song & Lyrics : Naff Band: Rusyaedi Makmun "Ady" (vokal), Dedi Raksawardana (gitar), Andri Kurniawan "Ade" (gitar) , Odeu Wijaya (bass), Hilal Hamzah (drums)
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production (2009)


Mega Sinetron Air Mata Cinta RCTI Released

  • Time : 19.00 WIB at RCTI
  • Director : Doddy Djanas
  • Producer : Leo Sutanto
  • Production Designer : Alfian
  • Story and Script : Devi Chandra
  • Production : SinemArt (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Kafka Nafisa
CINTA ( Cinta Laura Kiehl ) is an orphaned girl who have wajah ayu, beautiful face, smart brain, diligent, friendly and patient. After foster father was death, she does not get affection from her foster mother, ZARAH (Anna Pinem) and foster brother, SANDY (Fuad Zulkarnaen). Then Cinta fading from the houses because Sandy is very unreasonable act. She finally found the love from SUKMA family (Hanna Hasyim), the mother of DIMAS (Marcel Chandrawinata), her friend who is struggling against the deadly sick. Finally Cinta is agreed to bid from Suka who invite to stay in the house.
Sinetron RCTISMP Ganteng
SMA GantengTante Muda
cuplikan sinetron Air Mata Cinta (pics from rsiag & lautan indonesia)
But the decision was not approved by LISSA (Tia Ivanka), her sister in law. Mrs. Lisa still accuse Cinta is a tease girl even considered a prostitute who seduce her young children boy, RAFKA (Glenn Alinskie). Although the actual incidence with Rafka is a misconception, which originally Cinta only wanted to help Rafka which lie in the street because drunk. But because at that time Rafka not aware of the situation, he also accuse Cinta will be utilize him. Mrs. Lissa continuesly to force Mrs. Sukma to cancel intention Cinta as her daughter.

But then Cinta and Mrs. Sukma must accept the bitter fact, their home has been confiscated because they can't pay the big debt. They are finally living in a Mrs. Lissa's house. Mrs. Sukma can't able to oppose Mrs. Lissa attitude that often baffle to Cinta. But Cinta remain steadfast, because Mrs. Sukma still in love and pity to Cinta.

Since stay at home with Lisa, Cinta became more frequently met with Rafka. But they still often quarrel. The fracas give another impression for them, so slowly Rafka and Cinta falling in love each other, when Rafka must be married with TIARA (Herfiza Novianti), a beautiful and smart girl choiced Mrs. Lissa. Behaviour of Raka that start show attention and love to Cinta makes Mrs. Lissa and Tiara more furious.

Foto CintaGlen AlinskieHerfiza Novianti
photo Cinta Laura, Glenn Alinskie and foto Herfiza Novianty wallpaper
Cowok TampanSexy TiaBispak Cowok
foto Marcell Chandrawinata, Tia Ivanka sexy mature woman and Fuad Zulkarnain pictures

- Cinta Laura Kiehl as Cinta
- Glenn Alinskie as Rafka
- Marcel Chandrawinata as Dimas
- Fuad Zulkarnain as Sandy
- Tia Ivanka as Lisa
- Ana Christina Pinem as Zarah
- Hanna Hasyim as Sukma
- Herfiza Novianti as Tiara
- Sigit Hardadi
- H. Jojon
- Meriam Bellina

Theme Song Air Mata Cinta : Hati Yang Kau Sakiti
Singer : Rossa
Song & Lyrics : Enda Ungu
Album : Rossa
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production

How continuance of Cinta's life story ? What Cinta and Rafka will still together and Cinta will live happier? Don't miss it to watch MEGA SINETRON AIR MATA CINTA at RCTI Television Station.

Sinetron Sakiina with Temmy Rahadi, Acha Septriasa

  • Time : starting from 30 Maret 2009, every Monday to Friday at 21.00 WIB
  • Director : Umam AP
  • Producer : Gope T. Samtani
  • Story and Script : Tisa Ts
  • Production : Rapi Films (2009)
The story began when SAKIINA (Acha Septriasa) and her sister, RISMA (Hesty Purwadinata) will be taken by their uncle, Jamil to the city. Sakiina and Risma does not realize if Jamil will sell them to brothel (mucikari). Sakinah accidentally know scheming uncle, but Sakiina and Risma not pander against the mucikari and his gank. Sakiina and Risma try to flee, but Risma was successfully arrested and Sakiina run and sink to the brink in the canyon but successfully fed by a rich man. Sakina very surprised when I saw the man who helped the villain gang that kidnapped her sister. Finally Sakiina successfully escaped again, but a handsome young man named RASYA (Temy Rahadi) almost hit by the car. Rasya be shocked to see the current conditions Sakina injury and trauma. With the help of police and Rasya, Risma successfully saved from kidnapper. WINA (Christine Jogja), Rasya's mother and IDA (Helsi Herlinda), Rasya's aunt see on television news about the arrest of these criminals.

Acha SeptriasaTemmy RahadiHesty Purwadinata
foto Acha Septriasa, Temmy Rahadi and Hesty Purwadinata wallpaper

Risma finally began sympathy with the attention given by Rasya, despite the presence Risma and Sakiina at their home get a reprimand from Ida. Risma who love Rasya try to keep enduring stay at Rasya's house. ALEXA (Gita Sinaga), the daughter of Ida, was forced by her mother to be married with Rasya. Ida and her daughter had plan to Rasya. Alexa try to approached Rasya's father, FAHRI (Erwin Sutan Bagindo) and attract attention. Wina also irritated and annoyed because Fahri defend the action of Rasya. Alexa and Ida also annoyed to see familiarity between Rasya with Sakiina and Risma. Attention which given Rasya to Sakiina make Risma jealous, Sakiina also surprised to hear about Risma had a plan to have Rasya.

Then Alexa provoke the people to drive Sakiina and Risma, so it make Rasya so confused and wrong to speak in front of many peoples. Alexa become annoyed and angry because the plan did not succeed. Meanwhile, Ida and Wina surprised when Rasya (Temmy Rahadi) have plan marry with Risma, while Fahri give blessing to Rasya. Alexa successfully put shame to Sakinah at the sister wedding party. Sakiina sad when Risma starting affected speech from Alexa and her mother, but they have plans to make wretched womb of Risma. But it's going Sakiina affected trepan Alexa and her mother.

What will happen to Sakiina? Can Sakiina together with Risma, and how the next story ? Watch SINETRON SAKIINA at INDOSIAR TV every Monday to Friday, starting from 21.00 WIB. Don't miss it, and don't go anywhere... stay tune in front of your television.

Gadis CantikCowok LajangTante Cantik
photo Gita Sinaga, Egi Jhon Foreisythe and Helsi Herlinda pictures (pics from KPL)


- Acha Septriasa as Sakiina
- Temmy Rahadi as Rasya
- Hesti Purwadinata as Risma
- Gita Sinaga as Alexa
- Egi John Foreisythe as Ravi
- Helsi Herlinda as Ida
- Christine Jogja as Wina, Rasya's mom
- Erwin Sutan Bagindo as Fahri, Rasya's dad
- Athoy Herlambang

Theme Song Lagu Sinetron Sakina : Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu
Singer : Kerispatih Band (Sammy Hendra Samuel as vocalist, Doadibadai Hollo on keyboard piano, Andika Putrasahadewa on bass, Arief Nurdiansyah Morada on electric guitar and Antonius Surya Sularjo as drummer)
Song & Lyrics : Badai Kerispatih
Album : Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu
Production Label : Nagaswara Record

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