Komedi OB SHIFT-2 at RCTI Makin Gokil

  • Time : SENIN - JUMAT 15.30 WIB at RCTI TV
  • Director : Adam Sugriwo, Yan Yan
  • Producer : Winny Rosalina, Eri Sumaryadi
  • Executive Producer : Maria Febriana
  • Story and Script : Winny Rosalina, Eki NF
OB SHIFT 2 is an advanced from komedi situasi sitkom OB (Office Boy), which prime on-air on 17 April 2006 at RCTI in the stripping from Monday to Friday. Komedi OB (Office Boy) is a situation comedy (komsit / situasi komedi) which is packed in the form of sketches. Compared with the previous OB, OB-Shift-2 had a lot of changes from the set, players and story, that certainly will be more funny and exciting. Shooting OB Shift 2 done with a combination of studio and outdoor. Set in the studio more minimalist design and describes as number one company television. Set consists of a main lobby, a lobby HRD, HRD space, GM room, toilet, canteen and offices where the OB relax, pantry OB. While the outdoor location shooting will be done at Mail house, Odah house, Sayuti's boarding house and the surrounding environment, so that each story episodenya will be more colorful.

In OB-Shift-2, there is the addition of prominent players who called SUKMA LUSI RUKMINI (Luna Maya) and normally called as BU-SUK. Bu Sukma is the nephew of the owner OKTV. Sukma not work because desires but because it forced her om, PAK JOJON (Jojon Srimulat) the owner OKTV. Sukma figure played by Luna Maya with the position as General Manager of HRD superiors of PAK TAKA SOEBRATA (Marlon Renaldi). Attendance Sukma complete with her love story at OKTV will bring new colors for the funny stories in OK-TV. While the others remains the same, namely SAYUTI (Aditya Padat Karya), MAIL (Daus Separo), SUSI (Oline Mendeng), ODAH (Tika Panggabean), GUSTI (Bayu Oktara), SASCHYA (Winda Viska Ria), PAK HENDRA (Ridwan Permana), PAK TAKA (Marlon Renaldy) and IPUL (Reynold Hamzah) but with the addition of style and characters so that more funny.

photo pemain sitkom OB Shift 2 pictures gallery

Beginning of the story Office-Boy-Shift-2 starting from the slough Pak Taka to get love from Sasya so he attempt suicide with a leap from the roof of the building, eventually Pak Taka entering the hospita. The doctors did not find any disease in the body of Pak Taka. But Pak Hendra always lick to Pak Taka and told him to feign illness so that it will cause a sense of compassion by Sasha. Finally Pak Taka also spelled by Hendra affected Parkinson disease. Pak Taka happy because with his effort, and he hope it will be more attrection from Saschya. But in the facts, Pak Taka didn't received attention from Saschya, even the Pak Taka pain get attention from the board of directors and then send someone to eventually become a senior from Taka, because he is not deemed capable as head HRD department. And, the new HRD (Human Research Development) General Manager is a beautiful girl named Sukma Lusi Rukmini.

In the story OB Shif 2, Sayuti and Susy has married in Solo, Gusti and Sasa will fiancee. Then what happens with Odah, Ismail, Ipul, Hendra and Pak Taka? Watch the OB Shift 2 only in RCTI starting jam tayang from pukul 15.30 WIB.

- Luna Maya as Sukma Lusi Rukmini
- Tika Panggabean as Saodah
- M. Firdaus Separo as Ismail
- Adityawarman as Sayuti
- Caroline Mendeng as Susi
- Winda Viska as Sascya
- Marlon Renaldy as Taka Soebrata
- Bayu Oktara as Gusti
- M. Ridwan Permana as Hendra
- Reynold Hamzah as Ipul Saipul

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