Sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga, Christ Laurent Ricky Harun

RINDU (Claudia Anisa / Dhea Imut) is a pretty girl 17 years old. She has very good habit, polite, educated, and pity on the family. Rindu living with RENDY (Teuku Ryan), her father and two brothers, Bebi and Chiko (Junior Leonardo). Their mother had long died. They live happy because Rendy dote them. When Rindu is trying to buy a cake for his father from out of town, Rindu get an accident with RANGGA ( Ricky Harun ) when rain falls. Then going squabble between them.

At home, Rendy said that he was married to STELLA ( Hesti Putri ). Stella (Hesty Putri) is the women who are deceitful, underhanded and materialistic. Although Stella sham sweet in front Rendy, but actually she always make Rindu and her brothers suffering. When Rendy got heart attack disease because his servant stolen much company money so it makes bankrupt his textile factory. At that time, Stella ask to paranormal to predict future and get the instructions that there's a girl that will make her unhappy.

foto Claudia Anissa, Dhea Imut Anisa wallpaper

- Claudia Anissa (Dea Imut) as Rindu
- Ricky Harun as Rangga
- Christ Laurent as Yudha
- Teuku Ryan as Rendy
- Hesty Putri as Stella
- Metha Yunatria as Rosa
- Rico Karindra as Indra
- Marsha Aruan
- Junior Leonardo
- Sandi Ishabella
- Linda Ramadhanty

cuplikan sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga, Dhea Imut and Ricky Harun fighting

Stella tries to sell Rindu with the adoption reason to INDRA (Rico Karindra) and ROSA ( Meta Yunatria ), in fact Rindu be delivered to pregnant for Indra and Rosa family because they don't have children and not pregnant till now. Rindu shock and very confused, because she need much money to treat his father's heart disease and finance's life Bebi and Chiko. Rindu finally accept the bid.

When Indra drunk as much alcohol, Indra attempt to rape Rindu. But Rindu successfully avoid and flee, causing the drop of Indra. Rindu fed by the taxi driver, named Rangga. Rangga is very sad and a pity to see Rindu. Rangga try coax YUDHA (Christ Laurent) and his mother, MARTHA to allowed Rindu be settled at their home. Between Rangga and Rindu start falling in love each other, while Yudha trying to approach Rindu.

When Rangga want to introduce Rindu to introduce his brother, Rindu very shocked because Rangga is Indra's brother. Indra's wife, Rossa ( Metha Yunatria ) tried to use this opportunity to reply to the action Rindu tried running from them. How Rindu (Dhea Anissa) next story? Watch in Sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga on SCTV Satu Untuk Semua, which starring Christ Laurent, Ricky Harun, Claudia Anisa Dhea Imut, Hesty Putri, Metha Yunatria and Rico Karindra.

foto Ricky Harun, Dea Imut Claudia Anissa

photo Christ Laurent, Metha Yunatria (credited to rsiag for pics)

Time : 19:00 - 20:00 WIB at SCTV Satu Untuk Semua
Director : H. Encep Masduki
Story and Script : Hilman Hariwijaya
Production : MD Entertainment (2009)

Judul Lagu Sinetron Rindu Milik Rangga : Cinta Terlarang
Singer : The Virgin (Dara The Virgin and Mitha The Virgin)
Song & Lyrics Cinta Terlarang : Mitha The Virgin
Album : New Single
Label Produksi : Nagaswara Music

CINTA DAN ANUGERAH with Miller, Eva Anindhita, Ashraf Sinclair

  • Jam Tayang : 19.00 WIB at RCTI everyday
  • Director : Sanjeev Kumar
  • Producer : Leo Sutanto
  • Production Designer :
  • Story and Script : Salma Ramadhani and Kumar Perek
  • Production : SinemArt (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Purwacaraka

photo Miller, Wilda Hamid, Jasmine Leeds Wilblood, Eva Anindhita, Nabila Syakieb

Sinopsis Sinetron Cinta dan Anugerah :

NABILA (Nabila Syakieb) is a pretty simple girl and very friendly. Nabila lived with her sister, AIRA (Yasmin Leeds Wildblood) a nice, cheerful, but frivolous, and MINI (Wilda Hamid) who an intelligent, pious, but not popular. Nabila also living with her father, IMRAN (Donny Damara) that are always drunk. Because the bad habit of her father, Nabila must working hard for their family. After her father died because of stroke, Nabila very shock because her father appeared out of the debt is large enough so it makes Nabilla and her sister brother lost their house property.

Before died, the father give a letter that says Nabila and family still had close relatives from his mother, REZA (Ashraf Sinclair) a wealthy businessman. Although not sure if Reza will realize known them, Nabila, Aira, and Mimi was desperate to come to Reza's house. Reza welcomed them to his house. After reading the letter of Imran, Reza who has handsome face but arrogant eventually invites them to stay in one of the pavilion home, but with a requirement they have to work there.

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Nabila happy and promised to do anything to reply Reza's goodness. Reza only lofty smile. But SAIRA (Cut Sarah), Reza sister who also lives in the house with three children, CHINTYA (Eva Anindita), RYAN (Giovani L Tobing) and SONI (Kevin Julio) do not like attendance of Nabila, Aira and Mini. Moreover, when Saira and Chintya know that AVIAN (Miller), the Reza belief that loved by Chintya even fall in love with Aira.

Not only Avian, Reza was began stunned with the beauty of Aira. Nabila also very interest with Reza, but Nabila don't want to offend her sister. Up to a time Reza request Aira to engaged and be his wife. Aira confused, on the one hand, she love to Avian. On the other hand, she imagine to married with the super rich people. Aira decied to stay together with Avian. On the wedding day, Aira runaway so it makes Reza very ashamed and angry. To revenge it, Reza decide married with Nabila.

foto artis Cinta & Anugerah

- Nabila Syakieb as Nabila
- Eva Anindhita as Chintya
- Miller Mohammad Suhaemi as Alvian
- Ashraff Sinclair as Reza
- Jasmine Leeds Wildblood as Aira
- Wilda Hamid as Mini
- Donny Damara as Imran
- Cut Sarah as Saira
- Giovani L Tobing as Ryan
- Kevin Julio as Soni
- Marcell Darwin as Aldi
- Adipura as Haris

Theme Song Lagu Ost Cinta dan Anugrah : KebesaranMu
Singer : ST12 Band
Song & Lyrics : Charly ST12
Album : Single Religi ST12 Band
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production

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How continuity life of Nabila in the house? Can she make Reza really falling in love with her and resentment in his heart after Aira left from his life? You can watch the next story sinetron Cinta & Anugerah TV soap opera at RCTI everyday with jam tayang pukul 19.00 WIB. And, you can find Sinopsis Profil, Biodata, Facebook and Gambar Foto Cinta dan Anugerah Photo Picture, as above from internet. Don't miss it !