Terlanjur Cinta SCTV (Andrew Andika, Ririn Dwi Aryani, Arthur Brotolaras)

  • Time : 21.30 pm at SCTV Satu Untuk Semua
  • Director : Ai Manaf
  • Producer : Manoj Punjabi and Dhamo Punjabi
  • Production Designer : Shania Punjabi
  • Story and Script : Dono Indarto
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Iwang Modulus
Sinetron Terlanjur Cinta, MURNI (Ririn Dwi Ariyanti) is a simple village girl, wanita cantik, sincere, and good-hearted. As a single child of Arsyad, a religious teacher,many young guys men are interesting and falling in love with Murni, but only Ryan is able to mesmerize her heart. Towards the Murni and Ryan's wedding party, Arsyad invited all friends and relationship partners include RIDHO (Andrew Andhika), Arsyad's students favored. Unfortunatelly, at wedding party day Ryan was died in an accident. Murni was shock and panic, because Arsyad also affected heart attack. Before die, Arsyad request to Rido (Andrew Andika) to be married with Murni (Ririn Dwi Arianti). Of course, Ridho agree and obey with the wishes request because Riho has fall in love at first sight. Altough Murni not really love to Ridho, but she desire her father's permit.

After officially becoming husband and wife, Ridho bring Murni to Jakarta. MUTIA (Febby Lawrence), Ridho's mother and father (Leroy Osmani) very shock after know the Rido's wedding without family blessing because Mutia (Feby Lawrence) had plan to wed Ridho with SHALIMAR (Niken Anjani). In many ways, Mutia is trying to separate Ridho from Murni. In fact, Mutia invite Salimar to intrigue the process. But Shalimar refused because he did not want to impose love and Shalimar aware that Ridho really love and pity to Murni.

foto Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Andrew Andhika and Niken Anjani (pics from KapanLagi)

Ridho constantly looking ways and really want Murni love him. He was ostensibly to be intimate with Shalimar and make Murni jealousy. Slowly, the Ridho scenario is successful, Murni begin jealousy to see proximity Ridho and Shalimar. Over time, Murni want to open the heart love door to Ridho. On the one hand, Shalimar think if Ridho given the fondness because Ridho was not happy with wedding. Salimar hope, Ridho will receive her, and leave Murni. But the fact say others, Ridho come back to Murni and it's make Shalimar heart hurt so for the second time.

Meutia who had promised Shalimar to wed with one of the children, ask Shalimar to married with FAHRI (Arthur Brontolaras), younger Ridho's brother. Fachri can not refuse because Mutia always urgent. Finally without love, Fachry and Shalimar married even though Fachri has been have other lovers, ERNEST (Zora Vidyananta). Ernes, si gadis manis very angry after know Fahri has been married, because she is being a child of Fachri. Because feel guilty, Fachri to show responsibility and keep a relationship with Ernest.

Shalimar know if Fachri lie, becomes revenge to Murni. Shalimar felt his life destroyed since the presence of Murni. Because it, Shalimar very hate to Murni. Together with Mutia, Shalimar plans to make Murni's life miserable. How the story next? Watch the love story full romantisme, the only flavored various conflicts in the SCTV Satu Untuk Semua.

foto Arthur Brontolaras and Leroi Oesmani

foto Zaskia Sungkar, Febby Lawrence and Zora Vidyanata pictures (from kapanlagi)

- Ririn Dwi Aryanti as Murni
- Andrew Andika as Ridho
- Arthur Brotolaras as Fahri
- Febby Lawrence as Mutia
- Niken Anjani as Shalimar
- Ivan Sabatani as Akbar
- Leroy Osmani
- Zaskia Sungkar
- Zora Vidyanata
- Tazman Taher

Theme Song Sinetron Terlanjur Cinta : Demi Cinta
Singer : Kerispatih Band - Sammy Hendra Samuel Simorangkir (vokal), Doadibadai Hollo (keyboard), Andika Putrasahadewa (bass), Arief Nurdiansyah Morada (guitar) and Antonius Surya Sularjo (drum)
Song & Lyrics : Badai Kerispatih
Album : Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu (2008)
Label : Nagaswara Record

Gala Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel at SCTV

  • Time : 20.00 WIB at SCTV
  • Director : Akbar Bakti
  • Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi, Manoj Punjabi
  • Production Designer : Shania Punjabi
  • Story and Script : Hilman Hariwijaya
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2008-2009)
Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel recount the story of life and love. MELATI (Chelsea Olivia Wijaya) is a beautiful girl, interesting, independent, decisive, and responsible, so that many men who fall in love with her. Instead, MARVEL (Rezky Aditya) is still looking for a male identity. Because they do not have any costs and money to continue study at university, after graduating high school Marvel had become a taxi driver. Marvel parents divorced when he was still a baby, and he lived with ANGGI (Devy Permatasari), his mother. Anggi often doesn't patient see the Marvel's attitude that never serious for the future. Meanwhile, Marvel feel he worked hard enough to help his mother. Anggi also open a salon in a small shop.

One day, Melati meet Marvel and then Marvel accidentally kicking tires at Melati's car, so car spy fell. This is making Melati angry and demanded compensation. Instead, Marvel is not willing and said that the Melati's car is old, should enter the museum. Marvel's speech make Melati angry. Melati says if Marvel is not reliable, especially to be responsible. Then Marvel who angry will give money to Melati, but Marvel does not have money. Finally, Marvel gives the lottery paper. Then Melati find out how Marvel is very terrible.

foto Emma Waroka Hawkins and foto Devi Permatasari so seksi mature women

Behind Marvel's attitude, he is very love to his mother and respect women. When Anggi will be married with SURYA (Krisna Murti Wibowo), boss Melati, Marvel also directly support. Unfortunately, the mother doubt to receive her first love because at long ago LILY (Mpok Atik), the mother of Surya, reject Anggi because Anggi not equal. Now after some forty years and equally never settle, they meet again and fall in love. Surya really want to marry with Anggi, even though Lili against.

At other moment, Melati and Marvel are still often met by accident. When the Melati's car broke down, Marvel that happens through the sincere help improve the car. Then Melati realize that Marvel is actually a good man. Melati start sympathy to Marvel and Marvel also like Melati. Then ADITYA (Chris Laurent) appear to Melati's office to visit a project work, and falling in love at first sight to Melati. Since then, the relationship of both to be close. In fact, Aditia considered Melati as lovers. Marvel knows that their relationship became jealous. However, he realized, and Marvel try to make relationship with other girls to cover the injured broken heart. Melati also feign to be intimate with Aditya in front of Marvel.

Melati have a brother named DIKA (Fendy Heryanto Chow), branch manager at a bank that is very serious work for his career. Dika lovers have called SHAFA (Afifah Shafira). Although the Shafa's family is very hope to apply married immediately with Dika, but Dika not yet ready. One time, Dika accidentally met AUREL (Neshia Putri), the girl is very frustrating, rough and arogan. Aurel is a single sister of Surya, she is very intimate and long living abroad. Dika not know if SELVA (Emma Waroka Hawkins), his mother who looks like a tante girang, have to agree with Lily to menjodohkan himself with Aurel. Marvel and Aurel always contend when they meet, but even then Aurel interested and enamored of Dika. Unfortunately, love has been rejected because Dika has a paramour. Aurel tried in many ways to grasp Dika from Shafa's hand and finally Dika leave Shafa, and married with Aurel.

foto artis sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel and kru

Anggi finally married with Surya, after he signed an agreement about property separation from Lili. Marvel participate moved to new luxurious home property owned by Surya. Aurel and Lyly does not agree with their marriage, they often pressing Anggi. Marvel was not willing to see his mother treated haphazardly. As a result, Marvel and Aurel frequently involved strife. Because Marvel does not feel comfortable, he finally decided to stay in the old house before. Shafa which has been alone and left by Dika for married, became a very beaten. Then Safha told to Marvel. But he does not know if Marvell is an Aurel's half brother, Dika's wife. Proximity Marvel and Shafa make Melati jealous.

Surya invite Marvel to join on the company. Marvel, as a Melati's employee often get a reprimand, because sometimes he slept at the office. However, Marvel and Melati actually adore each other mutually. They also work to become a reliable partner. Their idea are often used by the office. Aditya becomes jealous to see their neighborhood. This sinetron also supported by young actress such as Gracia Indri as Kezia, Dony Michael and Marcello Djorghie. How the next of story? Watch Gala Sinetron Melati Untuk Marvel every Monday to Sunday, starting from 20:00 WIB at SCTV.

foto Rezky Aditya, foto Chelsea Olivia and foto Fendy Chow

foto Afifa Syahira, Mpok Atik and foto Gracia Indri, the sexy young girls


- Rezky Aditya as Marvel
- Chelsea Olivia Wijaya as Melati
- Christ Laurent as Aditya
- Fendy Heryanto (Fendy Chow) as Dika
- Neshia Putri as Aurel
- Afifa Syahira as Shafa
- Mpok Ati as bu Lily
- Devi Permatasari as Bu Anggi
- Gracia Indria Sari Sulistyaningrum as sebagai Keyza
- Donny Michael as Raihan
- Krisna Murti Wibowo as Pak Surya
- Emma Waroka Hawkins as Bu Selva
- Marcello Djorgie as Pak Slamet

Theme Song Melati Untuk Marvel : Puspa (Putuskan Saja Pacarmu)
Singer : ST12 Band (lham Febry / Pepep, Dedy Sudrajat / Pepeng, Muhammad Charly van Houten / Charly, and Iman Rush)
Song & Lyrics : Charly
Album : P.U.S.P.A (2008)
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production

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Sinetron Tarzan Cilik RCTI with Baim Alkatiri

  • Time : RCTI 17.30 pm
  • Director : Umam AP
  • Producer : Gope T. Samtani
  • Story and Script : Cassandra
  • Production : Rapi Film (2009)
  • Music Arranger : unknown
Sinetron Tarzan Cilik production from Rapi Film is story about the children called Tarzan (Ibrahim Alkatiri, was starred Cinta SMU and Doo Bee Doo) who lived in the forest with his friend, a small tiger called Simba. Road story begins when Tarzan Cilik (Baim / Ibrahim Khalil Alkatiri) presumed that the animals will be rare wild hunters arrested. Tarzan running, and hiding in a tent camp. The existence of a small kid in the tent that are surprising Saskie (Shirin Amarain) when camper with her school friends. Originally Saskie afraid because Tarzan looks fierce, but then Saskie can be Tarzan's friend.

Ibrahim Alkatiri, Baim in Tarzan Cilik action

Saskie actually intend to report the existence of Tarzan. But Saski intention to cancel because Tarzan Cilik that can not talk that shake-shake the head with a look Saskie stare miserably. When Saski will leave the tent, Tarzan Cilik did not want to left. He was reticent to go in the backpack Saskie while eating a snack in there. Simba also secretly into the bus. When up in the house and know Tarzan participate, Saskie any panic. Dispel Tarzan? Saskie pity. Finally, the girls hide the existence of Tarzan Cilik from her parents, Bayu (Athoy Herlambang) and Zara (Fara Diana).

At Sinetron Tarzan Cilik, many funny stories happened when Tarzan who always live in the forest was suddenly living in a modern house with Kevin (Raffi Ahmad), Olga (Olga Syahputra), attendant assistant Pepi (Fevi Hermawan Hidayat Kelana) and disturbed by Ucok Baba. Baim si Tarzan Cilik was confused for example with the 'magic box' called television. In fact, he rarely is not urinate in the swimming pool.

What's more humor in future at Sinetron Tarzan Cilik will make you laughter with your family? Then, who is Tarzan Cilik actually? How to know the answer, watch Tarzan Cilik hold on RCTI Television everyday starting from pukul 17.30 pm. Auuooo... Auuooo.... !!

foto pemain sinetron Tarzan Cilik (some pics from kapanlagi.com)


- Baim Ibrahim Alkatiri (Ibrahim Khalil Alkatiri) as Tarzan Cilik
- Raffi Ahmad as Kevin
- Olga Syahputra as Olga
- Shirin Amarain as Saskie
- Atoy Herlambang as Pak Bayu
- Ucok Baba
- Fara Diana
- Zidni Adam Zawas
- Pepi Fevi Hermawan Hidayat Kelana as Asisten Pembantu Olga
- Citra

Theme Song Sinetron Tarzan Cilik : Minum Susu
Singer : Seurieus Band (Ezard Yuliando / Ezy, Ramah Handoko / Koko, Dian Dipa Chandra / Candil, Erwin Yulista / Hayam, Mulki Nazmulhakim / Mulek, Dinar Hidayat)
Song & Lyrics : Seurieus Band
Album : Serdadu Rock (2008)
Label : Musica Studio

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Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 SCTV

  • Time : 18.00 pm at SCTV everyday
  • Director : Lono Jade Hamid
  • Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi & Manoj Punjabi
  • Production Designer : Karan Mahtani
  • Story and Script : Aviv Elham
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Iwang Modulus
This is the continued story of love between Bunga (Laudya Cynthia Bella) and si lelaki tampan Reno (Chicho Jericho Jarumilind). In order to save lives Reno, doctors must move the man to the hospital more sophisticated. But on the other hand, Bunga si gadis perempuan manis should be prepared in the amount of money a lot, not able to do anything because of limited economic development. When Bunga was tried to find money to save beloved husband, secretly Harun (Egy Fedly) plan something more nefarious, to kidnapped Reno from the hospital, and it makes Bunga become sad and feel persecuted. Moreover, the time to save Reno is only 24 hours left. Bunga with her father Jamal (Tabah Penemuan), and her sister and brother, Dede (Junior Leonardo), Bang Jeffri (Framle) and Mona (Celine Evangelista) also very sad after hear that Reno was kidnapped.

foto Laudya Cinthya Bella and Chicco Jerikho pictures gallery

Bunga will do anything for Reno. When looking for Reno, Bunga know that Reno's kidnapper is the peple who had been involved crime with Jeffry. Unfortunatelly, when Bunga have not had time to find the kidnapper, Bunga had catched by Harun. Until one day, a mysterious man came to help Bunga. Who was the person? Could happiness life can Bunga obtained? Get Bunga escape from Harun and a woman who masquerade as Tante Reno (Helsi Herlinda)?

Gala Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 does not only exploit a trial and suffering that must be passed by Bunga, but also Bunga courage in the struggle for happiness. This gala sinetron story about searching Bunga to reunite with Reno. Both are determined to keep together, and have the
power of love that is not separated by anything. They are two people to be together even if have to go through many obstacles.

Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 starting from Monday, 9 March 2009, EVERYDAY at SCTV tayang jam 18.00 pm. Cinta Bunga Season 2 at SCTV television program presents the best entertainment that teach us that when we do not stop hoping, then our world will be better. And when we have hope in themselves and believe in the love, the world becomes ours. Therefore, keep us dreaming...

poto Celine Evangelista, Framle Nainggolan and Helsi Herlinda wallpaper

Laudya Cynthia Bella as BUNGA
Chicco Jerikho Jarumilind as RENO
Helsi Herlinda as TANTE ROSA (tante girang or janda kesepian)
Tabah Panemuan as JAMAL
Framle Daniel Nainggolan as BANG JEFRY (sexy male brondong)
Junior Leonardi as DEDE
Egy Fedly as PAK HARUN
Ochi Anggraini as MAMANYA LENA
Celine Evangelista as MONA (sexy cute girls)
Cut Tary
Yoelita Palar
Beauty Lupita Emmanuela Oehmke
Stephanie Juliancy Somadibrata
Cynthia Wijaya
Didi Junaidi
Kris Anjar
Bayu Septi Virguna
Nella Anne

Theme Song Gala Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 : 11 Januari
Singer : GIGI Band (Armand Maulana, Gusti Hendy, Thomas Ramdhan, Dewa Bujana)
Song & Lyrics : Dewa Bujana & Armand Maulana
Album : Peace, Love 'N Respect
Label : Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia

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Sinetron Nikita at RCTI (Nikita Willy, Dude Harlino, Jonas Revanno)

(Nikita Willy) is an orphaned girl cewek and a steadfast avoidance surrender. Unfortunatelly, Nikita got a car accident a few years ago and make her eyes blind. Several times Nikita gone to the hospital to looking for a donor cornea and she get it after 7 years passed. Nikita (Nikita Willy) eventually get from the donor eye DOKTER PRITA cantik (Cathy Sharon), after he died because an accident with ARVEN (Dirly Idol). Nikita was finally happy because has get the cornea donor for her eyes, but on the other hand Prita's family feel great pain over the loss.

In fact some years ago, their youngest child is declared brought dead because the river flow. Now they must accept a bitter reality that once again. Now, they only have one children alive, VANO (Jonas Rivanno Wattimena). Prita's mother, DIANA (Lidya Kandau) always talks continuisly calling Prita's name. While his father, TEGAR (Anwar Fuadi) can only see his wife with the sad.

DONNY (Dude Harlino), si cowok ganteng has just returned from the United States, after completing his studies S2. Other purposes it is back to Jakarta because he wanted to express love on Prita. But his parents who are rich businessmen have a plan to marriage Donny with BELINDA (Raya Kohandi), which is a girl children of a walikota. But Donny reject the plan, and Dony don't know the reality Prita has died.

Dude Harlino, Nikita Willy and Jonas Revanno

Nikita, a young beautiful girl that already can see, trying hard to find out people who have contribute eye on it. After know, Nikita is coming to Prita's family house, right on the 40-day death Prita. But after she come there, Arven was suddenly say to all those who attended that Nikita is a cause Prita died. Nikita got be angry by the whole of Prita's family, without them ever know that Nikita is a missing child they brought the river flow. Nikita is shock hear it accident, if she does not think himself the cause of the accident befall Prita. Until one day Belinda must be replaced with Nikita, to find someone to redeem the error. Nikita very surprised and shocked when met Donny. Dony was not less surprised, because he never thought that girls who met with him several times by mistake is the mayor's children (anak walikota). Nikita and Donny also be close. But proximity is not resistant Nikita make living in the lie. Before Nikita tells the truth to Donny, Donny already know from Belinda. Donny is also very angry to Nikita and he is leaving Nikita with fully disappointed. On the other hand, Nikita often met with Vano. Originally Vano is hate to Nikita because of the Prita's death, but slowly turns to hatred is love. Vano also tried to get Nikita, without know that Nikita is his sister.

How is the life of Nikita next? .. Will Nikita and Donny will be re-united? .. Will she know the actual fact that the Prita's family also her family? So, let's watch this TV soap opera sinetron at RCTI starting from Monday, 9 March 2009, EVERYDAY at jam tayang pukul 18.00 pm.

Time : 18.00 pm at RCTI
Director : Maruli Ara & Gita Asmara
Producer : Leo Sutanto
Production Designer : Heru Hendriyarto
Story and Script : Ina Rosamaya
Production : SinemArt (2009)
Music Arranger : Purwacaraka

Sinetron Nikita Artist Stars (pics from KPL.com)

Nikita Willy as Nikita
Jonas Revanno Wattimena as Vano
Dude Harlino as Donny
Raya Kohandi as Belinda
Cathy Sharon as Dr. Prytha
Lidya Kandau as Diana
Anwar Fuadi as Tegar
Dirly Idol as Arven
Jessica Mila as Lani
Rudy Salam as Hari
Debbie Cinthya Dewi (Debby Cynthia) as Evita
Yati Surahman as Rini
Conny Sutedja as Sumi

Theme Song / Original Soundtrack (OST Nikita) : Saat Terakhir
Singer : ST12
Album : PUSPA