Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 SCTV

  • Time : 18.00 pm at SCTV everyday
  • Director : Lono Jade Hamid
  • Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi & Manoj Punjabi
  • Production Designer : Karan Mahtani
  • Story and Script : Aviv Elham
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Iwang Modulus
This is the continued story of love between Bunga (Laudya Cynthia Bella) and si lelaki tampan Reno (Chicho Jericho Jarumilind). In order to save lives Reno, doctors must move the man to the hospital more sophisticated. But on the other hand, Bunga si gadis perempuan manis should be prepared in the amount of money a lot, not able to do anything because of limited economic development. When Bunga was tried to find money to save beloved husband, secretly Harun (Egy Fedly) plan something more nefarious, to kidnapped Reno from the hospital, and it makes Bunga become sad and feel persecuted. Moreover, the time to save Reno is only 24 hours left. Bunga with her father Jamal (Tabah Penemuan), and her sister and brother, Dede (Junior Leonardo), Bang Jeffri (Framle) and Mona (Celine Evangelista) also very sad after hear that Reno was kidnapped.

foto Laudya Cinthya Bella and Chicco Jerikho pictures gallery

Bunga will do anything for Reno. When looking for Reno, Bunga know that Reno's kidnapper is the peple who had been involved crime with Jeffry. Unfortunatelly, when Bunga have not had time to find the kidnapper, Bunga had catched by Harun. Until one day, a mysterious man came to help Bunga. Who was the person? Could happiness life can Bunga obtained? Get Bunga escape from Harun and a woman who masquerade as Tante Reno (Helsi Herlinda)?

Gala Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 does not only exploit a trial and suffering that must be passed by Bunga, but also Bunga courage in the struggle for happiness. This gala sinetron story about searching Bunga to reunite with Reno. Both are determined to keep together, and have the
power of love that is not separated by anything. They are two people to be together even if have to go through many obstacles.

Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 starting from Monday, 9 March 2009, EVERYDAY at SCTV tayang jam 18.00 pm. Cinta Bunga Season 2 at SCTV television program presents the best entertainment that teach us that when we do not stop hoping, then our world will be better. And when we have hope in themselves and believe in the love, the world becomes ours. Therefore, keep us dreaming...

poto Celine Evangelista, Framle Nainggolan and Helsi Herlinda wallpaper

Laudya Cynthia Bella as BUNGA
Chicco Jerikho Jarumilind as RENO
Helsi Herlinda as TANTE ROSA (tante girang or janda kesepian)
Tabah Panemuan as JAMAL
Framle Daniel Nainggolan as BANG JEFRY (sexy male brondong)
Junior Leonardi as DEDE
Egy Fedly as PAK HARUN
Ochi Anggraini as MAMANYA LENA
Celine Evangelista as MONA (sexy cute girls)
Cut Tary
Yoelita Palar
Beauty Lupita Emmanuela Oehmke
Stephanie Juliancy Somadibrata
Cynthia Wijaya
Didi Junaidi
Kris Anjar
Bayu Septi Virguna
Nella Anne

Theme Song Gala Sinetron Cinta Bunga Season 2 : 11 Januari
Singer : GIGI Band (Armand Maulana, Gusti Hendy, Thomas Ramdhan, Dewa Bujana)
Song & Lyrics : Dewa Bujana & Armand Maulana
Album : Peace, Love 'N Respect
Label : Sony BMG Music Entertainment Indonesia

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