Sinetron Tarzan Cilik RCTI with Baim Alkatiri

  • Time : RCTI 17.30 pm
  • Director : Umam AP
  • Producer : Gope T. Samtani
  • Story and Script : Cassandra
  • Production : Rapi Film (2009)
  • Music Arranger : unknown
Sinetron Tarzan Cilik production from Rapi Film is story about the children called Tarzan (Ibrahim Alkatiri, was starred Cinta SMU and Doo Bee Doo) who lived in the forest with his friend, a small tiger called Simba. Road story begins when Tarzan Cilik (Baim / Ibrahim Khalil Alkatiri) presumed that the animals will be rare wild hunters arrested. Tarzan running, and hiding in a tent camp. The existence of a small kid in the tent that are surprising Saskie (Shirin Amarain) when camper with her school friends. Originally Saskie afraid because Tarzan looks fierce, but then Saskie can be Tarzan's friend.

Ibrahim Alkatiri, Baim in Tarzan Cilik action

Saskie actually intend to report the existence of Tarzan. But Saski intention to cancel because Tarzan Cilik that can not talk that shake-shake the head with a look Saskie stare miserably. When Saski will leave the tent, Tarzan Cilik did not want to left. He was reticent to go in the backpack Saskie while eating a snack in there. Simba also secretly into the bus. When up in the house and know Tarzan participate, Saskie any panic. Dispel Tarzan? Saskie pity. Finally, the girls hide the existence of Tarzan Cilik from her parents, Bayu (Athoy Herlambang) and Zara (Fara Diana).

At Sinetron Tarzan Cilik, many funny stories happened when Tarzan who always live in the forest was suddenly living in a modern house with Kevin (Raffi Ahmad), Olga (Olga Syahputra), attendant assistant Pepi (Fevi Hermawan Hidayat Kelana) and disturbed by Ucok Baba. Baim si Tarzan Cilik was confused for example with the 'magic box' called television. In fact, he rarely is not urinate in the swimming pool.

What's more humor in future at Sinetron Tarzan Cilik will make you laughter with your family? Then, who is Tarzan Cilik actually? How to know the answer, watch Tarzan Cilik hold on RCTI Television everyday starting from pukul 17.30 pm. Auuooo... Auuooo.... !!

foto pemain sinetron Tarzan Cilik (some pics from kapanlagi.com)


- Baim Ibrahim Alkatiri (Ibrahim Khalil Alkatiri) as Tarzan Cilik
- Raffi Ahmad as Kevin
- Olga Syahputra as Olga
- Shirin Amarain as Saskie
- Atoy Herlambang as Pak Bayu
- Ucok Baba
- Fara Diana
- Zidni Adam Zawas
- Pepi Fevi Hermawan Hidayat Kelana as Asisten Pembantu Olga
- Citra

Theme Song Sinetron Tarzan Cilik : Minum Susu
Singer : Seurieus Band (Ezard Yuliando / Ezy, Ramah Handoko / Koko, Dian Dipa Chandra / Candil, Erwin Yulista / Hayam, Mulki Nazmulhakim / Mulek, Dinar Hidayat)
Song & Lyrics : Seurieus Band
Album : Serdadu Rock (2008)
Label : Musica Studio

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