Terlanjur Cinta SCTV (Andrew Andika, Ririn Dwi Aryani, Arthur Brotolaras)

  • Time : 21.30 pm at SCTV Satu Untuk Semua
  • Director : Ai Manaf
  • Producer : Manoj Punjabi and Dhamo Punjabi
  • Production Designer : Shania Punjabi
  • Story and Script : Dono Indarto
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Iwang Modulus
Sinetron Terlanjur Cinta, MURNI (Ririn Dwi Ariyanti) is a simple village girl, wanita cantik, sincere, and good-hearted. As a single child of Arsyad, a religious teacher,many young guys men are interesting and falling in love with Murni, but only Ryan is able to mesmerize her heart. Towards the Murni and Ryan's wedding party, Arsyad invited all friends and relationship partners include RIDHO (Andrew Andhika), Arsyad's students favored. Unfortunatelly, at wedding party day Ryan was died in an accident. Murni was shock and panic, because Arsyad also affected heart attack. Before die, Arsyad request to Rido (Andrew Andika) to be married with Murni (Ririn Dwi Arianti). Of course, Ridho agree and obey with the wishes request because Riho has fall in love at first sight. Altough Murni not really love to Ridho, but she desire her father's permit.

After officially becoming husband and wife, Ridho bring Murni to Jakarta. MUTIA (Febby Lawrence), Ridho's mother and father (Leroy Osmani) very shock after know the Rido's wedding without family blessing because Mutia (Feby Lawrence) had plan to wed Ridho with SHALIMAR (Niken Anjani). In many ways, Mutia is trying to separate Ridho from Murni. In fact, Mutia invite Salimar to intrigue the process. But Shalimar refused because he did not want to impose love and Shalimar aware that Ridho really love and pity to Murni.

foto Ririn Dwi Ariyanti, Andrew Andhika and Niken Anjani (pics from KapanLagi)

Ridho constantly looking ways and really want Murni love him. He was ostensibly to be intimate with Shalimar and make Murni jealousy. Slowly, the Ridho scenario is successful, Murni begin jealousy to see proximity Ridho and Shalimar. Over time, Murni want to open the heart love door to Ridho. On the one hand, Shalimar think if Ridho given the fondness because Ridho was not happy with wedding. Salimar hope, Ridho will receive her, and leave Murni. But the fact say others, Ridho come back to Murni and it's make Shalimar heart hurt so for the second time.

Meutia who had promised Shalimar to wed with one of the children, ask Shalimar to married with FAHRI (Arthur Brontolaras), younger Ridho's brother. Fachri can not refuse because Mutia always urgent. Finally without love, Fachry and Shalimar married even though Fachri has been have other lovers, ERNEST (Zora Vidyananta). Ernes, si gadis manis very angry after know Fahri has been married, because she is being a child of Fachri. Because feel guilty, Fachri to show responsibility and keep a relationship with Ernest.

Shalimar know if Fachri lie, becomes revenge to Murni. Shalimar felt his life destroyed since the presence of Murni. Because it, Shalimar very hate to Murni. Together with Mutia, Shalimar plans to make Murni's life miserable. How the story next? Watch the love story full romantisme, the only flavored various conflicts in the SCTV Satu Untuk Semua.

foto Arthur Brontolaras and Leroi Oesmani

foto Zaskia Sungkar, Febby Lawrence and Zora Vidyanata pictures (from kapanlagi)

- Ririn Dwi Aryanti as Murni
- Andrew Andika as Ridho
- Arthur Brotolaras as Fahri
- Febby Lawrence as Mutia
- Niken Anjani as Shalimar
- Ivan Sabatani as Akbar
- Leroy Osmani
- Zaskia Sungkar
- Zora Vidyanata
- Tazman Taher

Theme Song Sinetron Terlanjur Cinta : Demi Cinta
Singer : Kerispatih Band - Sammy Hendra Samuel Simorangkir (vokal), Doadibadai Hollo (keyboard), Andika Putrasahadewa (bass), Arief Nurdiansyah Morada (guitar) and Antonius Surya Sularjo (drum)
Song & Lyrics : Badai Kerispatih
Album : Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu (2008)
Label : Nagaswara Record


  1. hyy paRa peMaiN teRlaNjuR ciNta...
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    q maU ePisoDe Nya sMpE 300 ePisOde ya aTau saMpe seaSoN 2 DeH kaYa ciNta fiTri gTu..

  2. andrew ckepppppp bgetttz cnta ridow n murni tak chand terpisahkan kpan dha lge film terlanjur cinta

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