Sinetron Inayah at Indosiar, after Hareem with Shandy Aulia

  • Time : 19.30 WIB at Indosiar Television
  • Director : Agusti Tanjung / Revy Maghriza
  • Producer : Ram Soraya
  • Production : Soraya Intercine Films (2009)
Sinetron Hareem at Indosiar which stopped by KPI has continous with other story, the tittle replaced with Sinetron Inayah starting from March 31st 2009 and the appearance will slighty different and more modern. Abi's wife, Ummi now has changed name with Amih and Abi also change with Romo Doso. All of ROMO / PAK DOSO's wife (Teddy Syach), like as Ummi Najwa (Vista Putri, now changed name with RATNA), ITA (Anggur Aulia Anggana), DESSY (Fitri Ayu Maresa) and also INAYAH (Shandi Aulia) are not wearing jilbab again and also ARYO's wife (Tommy Kurniawan) who named SHEILA (Ratu Felisha) is also not wearing jilbab.

Tommy KurniawanShandy AuliaTeddy Syach
foto Tommy Kurniawan, Shandy Aulia and Tedy Syach wallpaper
(some pics from kapanlagi.com & other source)

The first episode from Sinetron Inayah is continuos story from Sinetron Hareem which has ended at 49th episode. REVI (Aditya Suryo Saputro) come to a doctor clinic of plastic surgery and do plastic surgical operation to change the face that is no longer recognized (after plastic surgery finished, Aiman Rizky starring as Refi). Desy ask Sheila to persuade Pak Doso and contact Revi about the condition. Sheila failed blandish Pak Doso because Rahma against. Rahma becalmed by Ratna, then RATNA (Vista Putri) and RAHMA (Sharon Jessica) have any thoughts and the same opinions if the murderer Ummi Salma was Dessy. But Inayah does not want to prejudice it. Inayah still hold if Desy may change her bad habit soon. Ratna still investigating the case of the death of the sister. Until Revi perform actions when he done terrorist action and Pak Doso's home has been bombed. Luckily Aini still there, the daughter of happy couple Romo Doso - Inayah who have blind eyes but have a surplus, which is immediately save them because of God.

The Sinetron Inayah also starring with Rommy Sulastyo (as Dewo), Razz Florean, Hikmal Abrar, Kiki Amelia and Nabila Chaerunnisa. What's happen with Inayah (Shandi Aulia), Aryo and other people? Let's see next story of Sinetron Inayah only at Indosiar every Monday till Saturday starting from 19.30 pm. If you have children, you must prohibited your children to watching this sinetron and warning them, because Sinetron Inayah story full of violence and family conflict, only can be watched by adult people.
Ratu FelishaHikmal AbrarSharon Jessica
foto Hikmal Abrar Nasution, Ratu Felisha and Sharon Jessica
Cewek CantikCowok CakepCewek Montok
foto Fitri Ayu, Aditya Surya Saputra and Anggur Aulia pictures (from kapanlagi)

- Shandy Aulia as Inayah
- Tommy Kurniawan as Aryo
- Teddy Syach as Romo (Kanjeng Doso)
- Fitri Ayu Maresa as Ami Desy (3rd wife)
- Anggur Aulia Anggana as Ita (2nd wife)
- Vista Putri as Amih Ratna
- Sharon Jessica as Rahma
- Aditya Suryo Saputra as Revi
- Aiman Rizky as Revi (after did plastic surgery)
- Rommy Sulastyo as Dewo
- Ratu Felisha as Sheila
- Razz Florean
- Hikmal Abrar Nasution
- Kiki Amelia
- Nabila Chaerunnisa

Theme Song Sinetron Inayah : Cobalah
Singer : Hijau Daun Band (Dide as vokal, Array and Arya on guitar, Deny as drummer, Richan as bassist)
Song & Lyrics : Hijau Daun
Album : Ikuti Cahaya (2008)
Label Produksi : Sony BMG


  1. film yang mampu mendapat rating tinggi karena berhasil menyedot perhatian ibu2 dan penikmat sinetron

  2. sarah and salun jgn trlalu jhat ma istri2.ny romo doso

  3. Please can you tell me when the last, final epidsode of Inayah is?


  4. kak tmmy mkin cool ja deh ,klo pke pkaiaian oblong di sertai clana jins.