Sinetron Sakiina with Temmy Rahadi, Acha Septriasa

  • Time : starting from 30 Maret 2009, every Monday to Friday at 21.00 WIB
  • Director : Umam AP
  • Producer : Gope T. Samtani
  • Story and Script : Tisa Ts
  • Production : Rapi Films (2009)
The story began when SAKIINA (Acha Septriasa) and her sister, RISMA (Hesty Purwadinata) will be taken by their uncle, Jamil to the city. Sakiina and Risma does not realize if Jamil will sell them to brothel (mucikari). Sakinah accidentally know scheming uncle, but Sakiina and Risma not pander against the mucikari and his gank. Sakiina and Risma try to flee, but Risma was successfully arrested and Sakiina run and sink to the brink in the canyon but successfully fed by a rich man. Sakina very surprised when I saw the man who helped the villain gang that kidnapped her sister. Finally Sakiina successfully escaped again, but a handsome young man named RASYA (Temy Rahadi) almost hit by the car. Rasya be shocked to see the current conditions Sakina injury and trauma. With the help of police and Rasya, Risma successfully saved from kidnapper. WINA (Christine Jogja), Rasya's mother and IDA (Helsi Herlinda), Rasya's aunt see on television news about the arrest of these criminals.

Acha SeptriasaTemmy RahadiHesty Purwadinata
foto Acha Septriasa, Temmy Rahadi and Hesty Purwadinata wallpaper

Risma finally began sympathy with the attention given by Rasya, despite the presence Risma and Sakiina at their home get a reprimand from Ida. Risma who love Rasya try to keep enduring stay at Rasya's house. ALEXA (Gita Sinaga), the daughter of Ida, was forced by her mother to be married with Rasya. Ida and her daughter had plan to Rasya. Alexa try to approached Rasya's father, FAHRI (Erwin Sutan Bagindo) and attract attention. Wina also irritated and annoyed because Fahri defend the action of Rasya. Alexa and Ida also annoyed to see familiarity between Rasya with Sakiina and Risma. Attention which given Rasya to Sakiina make Risma jealous, Sakiina also surprised to hear about Risma had a plan to have Rasya.

Then Alexa provoke the people to drive Sakiina and Risma, so it make Rasya so confused and wrong to speak in front of many peoples. Alexa become annoyed and angry because the plan did not succeed. Meanwhile, Ida and Wina surprised when Rasya (Temmy Rahadi) have plan marry with Risma, while Fahri give blessing to Rasya. Alexa successfully put shame to Sakinah at the sister wedding party. Sakiina sad when Risma starting affected speech from Alexa and her mother, but they have plans to make wretched womb of Risma. But it's going Sakiina affected trepan Alexa and her mother.

What will happen to Sakiina? Can Sakiina together with Risma, and how the next story ? Watch SINETRON SAKIINA at INDOSIAR TV every Monday to Friday, starting from 21.00 WIB. Don't miss it, and don't go anywhere... stay tune in front of your television.

Gadis CantikCowok LajangTante Cantik
photo Gita Sinaga, Egi Jhon Foreisythe and Helsi Herlinda pictures (pics from KPL)


- Acha Septriasa as Sakiina
- Temmy Rahadi as Rasya
- Hesti Purwadinata as Risma
- Gita Sinaga as Alexa
- Egi John Foreisythe as Ravi
- Helsi Herlinda as Ida
- Christine Jogja as Wina, Rasya's mom
- Erwin Sutan Bagindo as Fahri, Rasya's dad
- Athoy Herlambang

Theme Song Lagu Sinetron Sakina : Bila Rasaku Ini Rasamu
Singer : Kerispatih Band (Sammy Hendra Samuel as vocalist, Doadibadai Hollo on keyboard piano, Andika Putrasahadewa on bass, Arief Nurdiansyah Morada on electric guitar and Antonius Surya Sularjo as drummer)
Song & Lyrics : Badai Kerispatih
Album : Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu
Production Label : Nagaswara Record

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