Mega Sinetron Air Mata Cinta RCTI Released

  • Time : 19.00 WIB at RCTI
  • Director : Doddy Djanas
  • Producer : Leo Sutanto
  • Production Designer : Alfian
  • Story and Script : Devi Chandra
  • Production : SinemArt (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Kafka Nafisa
CINTA ( Cinta Laura Kiehl ) is an orphaned girl who have wajah ayu, beautiful face, smart brain, diligent, friendly and patient. After foster father was death, she does not get affection from her foster mother, ZARAH (Anna Pinem) and foster brother, SANDY (Fuad Zulkarnaen). Then Cinta fading from the houses because Sandy is very unreasonable act. She finally found the love from SUKMA family (Hanna Hasyim), the mother of DIMAS (Marcel Chandrawinata), her friend who is struggling against the deadly sick. Finally Cinta is agreed to bid from Suka who invite to stay in the house.
Sinetron RCTISMP Ganteng
SMA GantengTante Muda
cuplikan sinetron Air Mata Cinta (pics from rsiag & lautan indonesia)
But the decision was not approved by LISSA (Tia Ivanka), her sister in law. Mrs. Lisa still accuse Cinta is a tease girl even considered a prostitute who seduce her young children boy, RAFKA (Glenn Alinskie). Although the actual incidence with Rafka is a misconception, which originally Cinta only wanted to help Rafka which lie in the street because drunk. But because at that time Rafka not aware of the situation, he also accuse Cinta will be utilize him. Mrs. Lissa continuesly to force Mrs. Sukma to cancel intention Cinta as her daughter.

But then Cinta and Mrs. Sukma must accept the bitter fact, their home has been confiscated because they can't pay the big debt. They are finally living in a Mrs. Lissa's house. Mrs. Sukma can't able to oppose Mrs. Lissa attitude that often baffle to Cinta. But Cinta remain steadfast, because Mrs. Sukma still in love and pity to Cinta.

Since stay at home with Lisa, Cinta became more frequently met with Rafka. But they still often quarrel. The fracas give another impression for them, so slowly Rafka and Cinta falling in love each other, when Rafka must be married with TIARA (Herfiza Novianti), a beautiful and smart girl choiced Mrs. Lissa. Behaviour of Raka that start show attention and love to Cinta makes Mrs. Lissa and Tiara more furious.

Foto CintaGlen AlinskieHerfiza Novianti
photo Cinta Laura, Glenn Alinskie and foto Herfiza Novianty wallpaper
Cowok TampanSexy TiaBispak Cowok
foto Marcell Chandrawinata, Tia Ivanka sexy mature woman and Fuad Zulkarnain pictures

- Cinta Laura Kiehl as Cinta
- Glenn Alinskie as Rafka
- Marcel Chandrawinata as Dimas
- Fuad Zulkarnain as Sandy
- Tia Ivanka as Lisa
- Ana Christina Pinem as Zarah
- Hanna Hasyim as Sukma
- Herfiza Novianti as Tiara
- Sigit Hardadi
- H. Jojon
- Meriam Bellina

Theme Song Air Mata Cinta : Hati Yang Kau Sakiti
Singer : Rossa
Song & Lyrics : Enda Ungu
Album : Rossa
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production

How continuance of Cinta's life story ? What Cinta and Rafka will still together and Cinta will live happier? Don't miss it to watch MEGA SINETRON AIR MATA CINTA at RCTI Television Station.

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