CINTAKU, Jonathan Frizzy and Bunga Zainal at SCTV

  • Time : Pkl. 19:00 - 20:00 WIB
  • Director : Jogi Dayal, Rudi Witanto
  • Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi and Manoj Punjabi
  • Production Manager : Fery Yusuf Harahap, SE
  • Story and Script : Dono Indarto
  • Production : MD Entertainment (2009)
  • Music Arranger : Iwang Modulus
Sinopsis Cerita :

LESTARI (Bunga Nurlaila Martha Sari Zainal Fazri) is a beautiful girl cantik but a little wild. In daily life, Lestari living with RANTI (Moudi Wilhelmina) in the slums settlement. Ranti working as a servant in the house of DIVO (Ijonk Jhonatan Frizy Simanjuntak) and NAOMI (Willa Julaiha) family, they has a child named NADYA (Gecha). Divo is a young boy and successful as businessman. With the Divo family also lived FANNY (Arumi Bachsin), Divo's sister, and KARIN (Uli Auliani ) as mother-in-law Divo. Until a day came disaster, Naomi killed in a plane accident and the body does not found work. Naomi's death brought grief and depth trauma for the family especially Karin, who then blame Divo as cause of Naomi's death. Consequently Karin be phlegmatic and hated Divo.

adegan sinetron Cintaku (credited to: rsiag and lautanindonesia.com)
One day, Lestari meet Divo when want to steal bread to poor children. Then Lestari utilize Divo to help her vague. Divo are annoyed with the attitude Lestari, hoping not to meet again. Who is suspected, but they would meet again at Divo's house. Apparently Ranti ask Lestari deliver dry wash to the boss house. Divo are considered Lestari is a thief, intend to bring the girl to the police station. Fortunately Lestari successfully convince to Divo. When arrived at home, Lestari find friends crying sad because the small settlement slums where they live will be destroyed by IKBAL (Boy Tirayoh), who was a businessman also an education leader. Iqbal intends to establish a new campus in his own land. Although he has own land, Iqbal still provide compensation for people who live there. Lestari protest and throw to Iqbal's glass car and make injure one of his crew.

Then Iqbal bring Lestari to the police so as a result, Lestari must stay detention in jail. Ranti who identify Iqbal as foster parents Divo then ask for help to free the employer Lestari. Because the blandishment Divo, Iqbal prepared at once to free Lestari revoke scale down one's demands. Completed a problem, other problems appear. The villagers where Lestari place to stay, would not accept the presence of girl. They are fed up with fad Lestari who like to steal food. They also consider Lestari jailed because steal. Lestari can't defend herselves, because the village people still insist rejects. Because compassion, then Divo bring Lestari to stay in the house. Karin reject Divo's decision and she considered Divo because he has been forget the honor of Naomi. However Divo (Jonatan Frizzi) insist because already promised Ranti to provide shelter, protection, and education appropriate for Lestari. While Fanny and Nadya support the decision and both are friends with Lestari. Since Lestari stay there, make have any problems that arise in the house. Karin tries to make Lestari not be in the house and chase away the pretty girl. Lestari have principles if Divo does not request to go so Lestari still stay because he took her to the house, and she should respect the decision from Divo.

cuplikan foto sinetron Cintaku
Each of problems that arise between Lestari and Karin, thus making the relationship Lestari and Divo more familiar. Lestari really respect and sympathy to Difo, and similarly Divo slow start falling in love to Lestari. Karin become great anger and doesn't like the woman who will replace the position of Naomi. Karin then threaten Divo to dispel Lestari or she will go from the house. Because does not have any other choice, then Divo check Lestari at home parents angkatnya, Iqbal and NINDY (Fiona Rosalina). For the second time, the presence Lestari cause problems. DARA (Indah Ayu Putri), son of Nindi a lecture in Jakarta, is considered Lestari as a rival because Dara also interest and love to Divo.

Dara and her mother called Lasya want to become rich people and will married with Divo. In order to realize the goal, Dara began some trouble so Lestari expelled from the house of Iqbal and Nindi. Obviously, it would always lead to conflict between Iqbal and Nindi and makes Lestari confused. Bitter reality makes Lestari intend to go from house Iqbal and Nindi, feel themselves as a source of problems. Lestari also do not want to disrupt the life of Iqbal and Nindi, Nindi prevent the departure of girls. On the other hand, the relationship between Lestari and Divo be stronger, they are really falling in love each other.

JAMAL (Revand Narya), a man who love Lestari try to rape her. But Lestari successfully hit and made Jamal unconscious. Then Jamal ostensibly blind and threatening will reported Lestari to the police. Because fear then she ask to Jamal and doesn't report her, but Jamal ask Lestari requirements that she must meet him every day. Dara find out if Lestari always met with Jamal, and then report to the Divo are finally catching both and decide their relationship with Lestari ended. Lestari become sad, especially when viewing the intimate relationship between Divo and Dara.

Lestari successfully prove that she is not guilty and Jamal is not blind. Divo happy, and leave Dara to apply for Lestari. Dara become angry and frustrated, if she is not willing Divo marry Lestari so when they will marry suddenly Dara appears along with Naomi. Naomi was still alive. How the story next? What wedding plans Lestari and Divo still continue? Watch the story Sinetron Cintaku, from Monday to Saturday jam tayang 19.00 WIB at SCTV Satu Untuk Semua.

foto Jonathan Frizzy and Revand Narya

foto artis cantik sinetron, Arumi Buchsin, Uli Auliani and Bunga Zainal

- Jonathan Frizzy Simanjuntak ( Ijonk ) as Divo
- Bunga Zaenal as Lestari
- Uli Auliani / Uli Aulani as
- Boy Tirayoh as Iqbal
- Moudy Wilhelmina as
- Revand T Narya as Jamal
- Indah Ayu Putri as Dara
- Viona Rosalina as Nindi
- Willa Julaiha as Naomi
- Geccha as Nadya
- Metty Djumiati / Djumiaty as
- Arumi Bachsin as Fany

Theme Song Sinetron Cintaku : Bila Nanti Kau Milikku
Singer : Naff Band
Song & Lyrics : Naff Band: Rusyaedi Makmun "Ady" (vokal), Dedi Raksawardana (gitar), Andri Kurniawan "Ade" (gitar) , Odeu Wijaya (bass), Hilal Hamzah (drums)
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima Production (2009)

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