CUCU Cuplikan Lucu ANTV Comedy Program

  • Time : Monday to Friday, every 18.00 pm at ANTV
ANTV released situation comedy show, better known komedi situasi terbaru CU-CU (Cuplikan Lucu) which starring by artis muda ABG sexy and cantik such as Gisella Cindy, Evan Jordy Onsu, Mocin, Shafa Tasya Kamila, Putri Titian, Rio Indrawan, Haikal Kamil, Vincent Reymond Henrian, Astric and Abran. In each episode also invite guest stars (from variety of profession like talent, comedian, singer, actress, actors, etc) and their role as adults, parents, teachers or grandparent.

Cuplikan Lucu CUCU is situation comedy which played in the real set / outdoor studio with a variety of settings that describe the place as usual place for nongkrong or kongkow the young boys, young girls and other ABG muda such as cafe, family room / watching tv / playing games, room, music studio or school. The sketches theme played is frequent in the ABG world, start problems as stern teacher, a boyfriend who don't have money, a handsome cafe waitress, a beautiful girls, body odor, whelk, play music, in the exam schools, which are very common funny occurrence happened.

foto Jordi Onsu, Abran, Tasya Kamila, Gisela Cindi, Rio Indrawan, Mocin and Vincent

- Shafa Tasya Kamila
- Gisela Cindy
- Evan Jordi Onsu
- Rio Indrawan
- Vincentius Reymon Henrian (Vincent)
- Abran
- Mocin
- Muhammad Haykal Kamil
- Putri Titian and Astric

In addition, Cu .. cu .. also create a "ten seconds" scene or a short funny scene without dialogue, tebak tepat and funny reportase... such as Ya Iyalah, Tanpa Ya Iyadong.. You can watch this komedi Cuplikan-Lucu television programs at ANTV from Monday - Friday starting from 18.00 WIB

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