Sinetron Dewi RCTI : Triangle Love Story

  • Time : Monday - Friday at 20.00 WIB
  • Director : Erlanda Gunawan
  • Producer : Leo Sutanto
  • Production Designer :
  • Story and Script : Dewi Sita
  • Production : Sinemart (2009)
DEWI (Rianti Cartwright) is a beautiful village girl, simple, cheerful, and always optimistic. Because Dewi is a cewe lugu until she believes in a thousand percent to GUSTAF (Ibnu Jamil), her friend and mate from young. With feeling of happy and pleasure, Dewi receive Gustav's bids to join with him and go work to Jakarta. In fact what is Gustav promised not beautiful as sound. Gustaf was only a poor driver in a rich family. In addition he was also have any big debt money to BOS JOSH (David Hoffman).

adegan pertengkaran between Dewi and Lila

Because Gustav don't have any money so he can't able to pay the debt, Gustaf approve the request from Bos Josh to submit Dewi for debt defaulter. Dewi who know the evil plans from Gustav ultimately successful runaway. When fled, Dewi is saved by ANDRE (Baim Wong), unknown men of good hearts want to help Dewi cantik, until he was free from the chase Bos Josh syndicate. Andre also forced Dewi to participate to his house, because he is thought Dewi is Sita, his wife candidates.

triangle love: Andre, Lila and Dewi (credited to rcti for pics)

Dewi manis who is still confused not deny the power of Andre's call, because Andre didn't want to hear the explanation. After they both reached at home, how surprised Andre family members such as grandma WIDYA (Mieke Wijaya), TANTI as Andre's mom (Meriam Bellina), INDI - Satria's mom (Vicky Burki) and SATRIA (Dimas Seto) see attendance DEWI, which is very embodied with SITA (Rianty Cartwright). Nenek Widya ask Dewi to stayed at home caring for Andre, because she sees positive changes in self-Andre at Dewi nearby. Grandmother Widya is also tell about Sita, the candidate's wife of Andre who died because of heart attack at wedding day party, then make a depression into Andre.

Because pity, Dewi eventually approved. In addition, Dewi also need much money for her family and for caring her mother's (Elma Teana) surgery in the village. Andrew still assume that Dewi is Sita makes more dependency to Dewi, he also did not want Dewi too far for him. This is make LILA (Luna Maya), a sexy woman who assist Andre during leave of Sita became jealous. And after Sita pullout then come again a new threat, which is Dewi who similar to Sita. This Mega Sinetron Dewi also starring with DONI DAMARA, CAKKA NURAGA and ELMA THEANA, but you'll never find adegan bugil or telanjang in this sinetron. How is the Dewi's story life next? Should her as other people forever? Will he will find happiness and true love ? Don't miss it, SINETRON DEWI at RCTI every Monday to Friday at jam tayang 20.00 WIB

foto Luna Maya, Dimas Seto and Rianti Cartwright picture gallery

photo Ibnu Jamil and Baim Wong images collection

- Baim Wong as Andre
- Rianti Cartwright as Dewi and Sita
- Luna Maya as Lyla
- Dimas Setowardana as Satrya
- Ibnu Jamil as Gustav
- Meriem Bellina as Bu Tanty
- Mieke Wijaya as Nenek Widya
- Vicki Burki as Mrs. Indy
- Donny Damara as Dewi / Sita's father
- Elma Theana as Dewi / Sita's mother
- David Hoffman as George (Boss Josh)
- Cakka Nuraga Idola-Cilik 2 as Andre kecil

Theme Song Sinetron Dewi : Terlanjur Cinta
Singer : Rossa feat Pasha Ungu
Song & Lyrics : Yoyo Padi
Album : Rossa
Label Produksi : Trinity Optima (2009)

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